Expert moderator

Expert moderator for sustainability

In my dissertation, I have intensively dealt with anthropogenic climate change and especially is concerned with “climate awareness”.

My clients appreciate this environmental scientific know-how.

Whether at events, trade fairs or for TV productions in all areas, a background knowledge of the environment is has already benefited from many orders.

This has enabled me to ask specific questions and to work with experts at eye level.
With my interest in environmental issues, I have taken the pulse of the times.
More and more frequently, I receive enquiries from customers, some of whom are attending events for the first time on this subject.

You too can benefit from my competent moderation
for her next project!

My contribution to climate protection

Making a contribution to climate protection is of great personal concern to me.
Therefore, in addition to my work as a moderator, I am also committed to climate protection and introduce approaches as “Miss Climate” on my youtube channel or on Instagram, how each of us can make our everyday life more climate-conscious.
My goal is to sensitize as many people as possible to this urgent topic and point out possibilities instead of resigning to future issues.
Expert moderations for environmental topics are therefore a matter close to my heart!