TV presentation

Moderating is more than just talking - moderation needs personality!

…that I bring this with me, you can get an idea of this during my TV moderations. But to survive here, it takes more than just having fun at work. Every TV or video production is preceded by extensive preparation.
This enables me to deliver tailor-made presentations and interviews, which fit exactly into the time window of the recording.
My relaxed manner as a moderator helps me to quickly get into conversation with my fellow men and to conduct interesting interviews that convey information and emotions.

You are looking for a moderator for your next
TV format? Wanted-Found!
I look forward to your request.

Authentic & intoxicating

It is important to me to present so authentically and rousingly in front of the camera,
that the viewer feels entertained and informed.
Whether in the studio or outside: I love to moderate in front of the camera
and the interaction with my interview partners.
So if you are still looking for a presenter for a TV format, please feel free to contact me.
Convience yourself by checking out my showreel.